The world's first affordable isolation tank, floating at home is now a reality!

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What is a Float Tank? How does it Work?

The Zen Float Tent is essentially a relaxation environment. You can achieve deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation by removing the normal stimulus overload of every day life. Touch, sight, and sound are removed.

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The tent has 10" of water that is heated to skin temperature (93.5°). This water is saturated with 800 lbs of Epsom Salt so you feel completely weightless.

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Inside, the Zen Float Tent is pitch black. You can open your eyes and still see absolutely nothing..

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In a quiet room with your ears under the water, you will only hear a heart beat, and perhaps an occasional eyelid flutter. When you settle in and the senses are removed, you enter a state of total peace.

Design and Construction

We've designed an awesome flotation experience for you: total darkness, water temperature control and an amazing filtration system along with a strong stainless steel frame and double layer vinyl cover, all wrapped in a pyramid design to ensure great airflow, no annoying dripping and a full blown float experience.


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