The world's first affordable isolation tank, floating at home is now a reality!


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Purchasing the Zen Float Tent has been one of the best investments for our well being that we have ever made. The Zen Float Tent has become an indispensable tool for the for the continuation and advancement of our well being. It has literally changed our lives in the few months that we have owned it.

Toby and Wendy Kuhn
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LOVE it! So happy to be able to float at home and share the love with friends and family.

Heather Hersey
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This little guy is the answer to all of my prayers.  For the past 3 years, I've gotten sick the first week in November.  So, this year I've decided to kick this damn colds ass before I get something serious again.  Beyond grateful that I get to float daily in my apartment and rest my body.

Kelsey Beerthuis
(Owner of Liquid Float Spa)
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What is a Float Tank? How does it Work?

The Zen Float Tent is essentially a relaxation environment. You can achieve deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation by removing the normal stimulus overload of every day life. Touch, sight, and sound are removed.

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The tent has 10" of water that is heated to skin temperature (93.5°). This water is saturated with 800 lbs of Epsom Salt so you feel completely weightless.

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Inside, the Zen Float Tent is pitch black. You can open your eyes and still see absolutely nothing..

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In a quiet room with your ears under the water, you will only hear a heart beat, and perhaps an occasional eyelid flutter. When you settle in and the senses are removed, you enter a state of total peace.


Design and Construction

We've designed an awesome flotation experience for you: total darkness, water temperature control and an amazing filtration system along with a strong stainless steel frame and double layer vinyl cover, all wrapped in a pyramid design to ensure great airflow, no annoying dripping and a full blown float experience.

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