5 Signs You Are Ready to Buy a Float Tank For Your Home

Buying a float tank isn’t exactly something you do on a regular basis.  So, naturally it’s going to require some decision making before you do.  

Maybe you’ve dreamed about floating at home.  Or perhaps you’re just tired of paying high prices at a float center. But are you really ready to take that next step?

Here’s a look at a few signs that you might be ready to become a float tank owner:


1. You already float at least 1 to 4 times a month

The number one reason to buy a float tank: save time and money.  If you are already floating on a regular basis, you're likely spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year on floating.  The Float Tent is an affordable option with extremely low maintenance costs, that provides you with the comfort and benefits of floating right from your very own home.  


2. You have the physical space for it

This one could be a matter of actual square footage in your home or just a matter of priority.  Sure, it might mean giving up a spare bedroom or your man cave in the basement, but in almost all cases it will be worth it.  Having the space could also mean getting rid of the dining table you never use and floating in your kitchen instead.  You don't need an entire room dedicated to floating to get started. Just think, do I have enough space for a twin size mattress? If the answer is yes, you likely have enough space to fit a personal sized floatation tank.


3. You don't mind a little maintenance

Floating at home will require some obvious amounts of work: setting up the tent, regularly maintaining the water, cleaning out the UV filter, etc.  It’s not like showing up to your local spa where everything is done for you.  Most float tanks come with some sort of filtration system that will help take care of a big part of the water maintenance. However, some knowledge on proper water care is needed for regular upkeep.  


4. You don't have a float spa near you

Float centers are popping up all over the world but there are still many places without a float spa for hundreds miles.  If this is the case for you, bringing the float to your home might be the best and only solution. 


5. You want to get more into floating and take your practice to the next level

You might not be a regular floater but if you want to get more into floating, there is no better way to jump on in than getting started regularly at home.  Owning a personal floatation tank allows for deeper and overall more meaningful floats, as there is no time limit and you are naturally more comfortable in your home environment. The more you float the better you become at it, and the more you'll be able to reap the full benefits of the practice.


If you can relate to one or more of the signs above, you just might be ready to buy your own personal float tank.  There are already thousands of people all around the world experiencing the life-changing benefits of float therapy from home, and you could be one of them too! Download a copy of The Ultimate Float Tank Buying Guide and learn about all the different considerations that go into becoming a float tank owner!