Heating Your Water - Time and Cost

We've had people ask "how long will it take for my tank to heat up the first time, and what does it cost to heat it?"  Good question, and we didn't know the exact answer. WE DO NOW though. I dropped my tank to room temperature which turned out to be 61 degrees (water is colder than air at room temp), and then I proceeded to heat it back up. 

The ideal floating temp is 93.5 F, this is because even though your core temperature is 98.7 F, your skin isn't. So I threw my handy dandy electrical meter into the wall and plugged in my heaters. Here are the results: 

• It took 30 hours to raise the temp 30 degrees. We designed the heating system to be affordable, and always on.  This means it's not about speed, it's about efficiency. 

• It took 23.9 Kwh to raise the tank 30 degrees.  In Utah it's 8.8 cents per kilowatt.  Just over $2.10 to heat up. 

sensory deprivation tank heating.jpg

• Temperature maintenance has come in cheaper at about $1.20 a day in Utah. Keep in mind I keep my float room at about 78 F . If your tank is in a cooler room it will affect your daily cost. When the air temp is 78 F, it makes it so that the air being drawn into your tank while floating will feel like the water temp. So you don't feel anything (sensory deprivation anyone?lol)

So that's the skinny on heating up and maintaining your water temp.  Remember when you first put in your salt it will drop the water temp SIGNIFICANTLY!  Don't worry, once all the salt is dissolved the water will return to a normal temperature, and then you can heat it up.