A New App To Enhance Your Float Experience At Home

Download it for free on the App Store today!

Download it for free on the App Store today!

A melodic float experience is now just a couple clicks away.   My Zen, our first application for iPhones (coming soon to Android) came out today on the App Store and it's going to change the way you are able to float at home. 

Think of My Zen as an all-in-one float remote for your Zen Float Tent.  With both a half time alarm and music player built in, you can relax into your float with your favorite song without ever losing track of time.  Plus, with My Zen there is no need to download or pay for expensive music tracks because it uses the music already on your device.  Sounds pretty sweet, right?! 

It gets better though. My Zen also comes with a built in alarm and half time alarm so you never lost track of time during your float.  Other special features include the option to slowly fade in and fade out the selected music tracks over a set amount of floating time. 

For best results, combine our app with underwater headphones, speakers, or I always do the good ol' fashion phone in the cup trick.  

You can download My Zen for free on the App Store today and try out all the features for yourself.   Please leave us a review and let us know what you think.  

Posted on January 28, 2015 .