4 Habits That Equal The Price Of A Float Tent

Is the cost of a float tank the only holding you back from owning one? But you know that having a float tank in your home would give back your freedom and ability to enjoy life fully?

Well, what if we told you that the habits having a tank would help cure are also costing you the same amount or more as a Float Tent. Let’s explain this a little further.... 

So, you want to float for one of its many health benefits. Maybe it’s to quit smoking, to have more energy, to de-stress, to reduce pain, to heal from anxiety or PTSD. But have you ever stopped to think about how much money you spend on your current lifestyle in an attempt to buy happiness and peace of mind that you would otherwise get from a float tank?

Here are four activities that would buy you a Float Tent:

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#1 - Smoking Cigarettes

1 pack a day, at $6 a pack for one week is $42. $42 times 52 weeks per year adds up to $2,184 per year. That is nearly as much as a float tent! And, floating has significant success in helping people quit addictions. One of our customers and float tent owners, Erik Eckerman says,

“Floating has definitely helped me quit smoking. I tried to quit smoking at least 2 or 3 times throughout a year over the last 5 years. I tried cold turkey, nicotine gum, e-cigs, and patches...all with varying degrees of short term success but nothing that I was able to sustain. [I] could never get over the anxiety/stress I felt from nicotine withdrawal or the act of just having a cigarette (which was calming in and of itself).

Little did I understand that smoking was just making my general anxiety worse over time. If I felt stressed, smoking a cigarette was a quick fix. Floating helped me because the stress relief from a morning float would last me all day (if not longer)... I was able to take preventive measures by floating which, like I said, was a 24 hour fix to my cravings… I guarantee if you float every morning (at least in the beginning of trying to quit), you'll eventually not crave a cigarette to manage stress.”


#2 - Buying Coffee

A tall, caramel latte from Starbucks is $3.75. If you buy one of those everyday for a week that is $26.25 per week, or $1,365 per year. Again, if you could kick your morning coffee craving you save nearly $1500 per year. Like smoking, floating can help you say no to coffee as it evens out your mood and improves your sleep quality so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready-to-go.


#3 - Medication

The cost of pain and anti-anxiety medication can be extremely expensive - especially if  you don’t have the benefit of insurance. Hydrocodone is one the most common pain medications and costs an average of $250 for 30 pills (Prices and Coupons for Hysingla ER, GoodRx). That means you spend $250/month or $3000 in one year on pain medication alone. If you swapped your pain medication for a float tent you would actually save money, and be totally pain free.

An avid floater, Ellen Swan, who has floated 90-days in a row has been able to come off all prescription pain medication. However, without investing into her health and receiving a float tank to put in her home, she would still be spending money on medication, doctor appointments and trips to a float center. There have also been numerous success stories in healing pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and a hip replacement.


#4 - Therapists

The average cost of a 1-hour therapy session is $100. If you see a therapist once a week that is $400 per month and $4,800 per year. A float tank costs half that much money and will help with most things your therapist is trying to heal.  


In the long run, the money and time you spend on cigarettes, coffee, medication, doctor appointments, gym memberships, or trips to a float spa are far more costly than the amount you would spend on owning a tent. 


So, are you ready to invest in your health and wellness and experience the benefits of floating from home?



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Written By: Monique Morrison