Floating Guided Meditation

Enhance your next floating experience with this exclusive guided meditation from Zen Float Co.

We've partnered with Karin Leonard, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach & NLP, to create the first guided meditation audio designed specifically for floaters! This 30 minute audio will help you instantly relax, focus on your breathing, and completely let go the next time you hop inside the float tank. It's perfect for anyone new to floating, meditation, or if you have a hard time quieting your mind. 

The float tank is the perfect place to integrate guided meditation audio with your float session. When you float and your brain enter's the Theta state, your mind becomes more open to auditory cues like the kind used in our audio below. 

Simply click the "Play" button below to listen or you click  "Download" to save a copy of this meditation to your computer, tablet, or smartphone to be able to enjoy it over and over again.  


**Always make sure the volume level is to your liking before getting in the float tank.

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