Float Tank Manufacturers

Zen Float Co is one of the only float tank manufacturers that specializes in isolation tanks for home use.  With the launch of our Zen Float Tent in 2014, we proudly manufacture the world's most affordable float tank on the market today.  Finally, floating at home is reality!  Read more about our manufacturing process below.  

The sensory deprivation tanks we manufacture are among the highest quality available.  We use an extremely durable water-proof + light-proof canvas that is never stitched and always welded so leaking is never a problem.  The frame is composed of a heavy-duty stainless steel tubing to prevent against corrosion and the quick-disconnect feature makes it fast & easy to assemble.  

As far as the size and shape of our float tanks we took into consideration a lot of different factors before we started manufacturing them.  We tried out several designs but ended up with the pyramid shape because of the steep walls.  The steepness of the tent walls allow the water to run down the sides and avoid drips during your float.  

We then incorporated a custom radiant heating system that maintains a consistent temperature while remaining silent and our custom pump is both a mechanical filter and UV filter in one that takes care of all your water care.  The tent is 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide so it is comfortable for just about any size or weight and the white exterior keeps it looking good in your home even when there is salt residue.  

Up until now floating hasn't really been accessible to most people, especially not in the luxury of their own home, but the Zen Float tent is the answer to that. We plan to continue on as the leading home float tank manufacturer for many years to come with multiple versions of the Zen Float Tent to accommodate any floating enthusiast.  .  

At this point we do not plan to go into manufacturing commercial float tanks and our plan is to focus solely on the home float tank market for now.  

All distribution of the Zen Float Tent is done from our Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters and our tent is currently available to ship just about anywhere worldwide.  

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