Water Care Guides

In addition to the UV Filter Pumps, a certain level of water care and maintenance is necessary to keep your float tank water fresh and clean.  

There are weekly and monthly water care steps that you will need to follow. Please download our Quick Maintenance Guide for weekly and monthly cleaning routines, as well as tips and tricks. 

For a more in depth look at water care please download our Water Care Guide V1.6 as a PDF or continue reading below. 

Water Maintenance

There are six aspects of water care you will need to know about to maintain the water in your Float Tent. These should be checked every two weeks. All water maintenance should be done with pump running.










The water level is crucial to maintain in a float tank because it can affect all other parts of water care. Not to mention you need the 10” of water so you don’t touch the ground while floating.

  • Water Levels drop slightly every time you get in and out of the tank and dry off, also you will lose some water due to evaporation.

  • Top up your water level to 10” every couple weeks with the use of your water filter when possible. The water filter isnít mandatory it just removes the iron in the water which can reduce the chance of water yellowing. More in the FAQ section.



The amount of salt in your tank is important because you want the maximum saturation possible so you will float as much as possible. Water can only hold so much salt, and the ideal range is 1.25-­1.26 on your hydrometer.

  • The Zen Hydrometer makes it easy because we marked the ideal range with a “float zone” marking. So you can just pull water into the unit and take a reading.

  • If you're a little low, just add 10 lbs of salt, allow to saturate, and test again.

  • If you have too much salt, just add 3­4 gallons of water and test again.



These two things are a measure of the acidity in your water. It’s easy to maintain. The ideal pH range is 7.2-7.8. The ideal alkalinity is 80-100 ppm. To find you water’s current levels just dunk a test strip in the water for a couple seconds, in good light pull out and check the color reference on the bottle.

  • To increase the pH use 1 tablespoon of pH Up. Wait 30 minutes and test again.

  • To decrease the pH use 1 tablespoon of pH Down. Wait 30 minutes and test again.

  • The Alkalinity will usually raise and lower with your pH as you adjust. It is rare to have Alkalinity adjust on itís own. Now and then Alkalinity will be low when your pH is in range. Just add a tablespoon of Alkalinity Up (baking soda). Wait 30 minutes and test again.




Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a excellent water freshener. It is mainly used when the water gets a slight locker room odor, but ideally you should maintain a level of peroxide concentration at all times. H2O2 is also critical in controlling bacteria and mold. You must keep your levels of H2O2 in the ideal range to keep bacteria and mold to a minimum. The ideal Peroxide concentration is 40­-60 ppm. Peroxide comes in many different levels of concentration so this part can get tricky. When using Hydrogen Peroxide pay attention to concentration levels and the subsequent warnings on the bottle.

  • If you are using 35% concentration (which is harder to come by), 1oz of liquid will raise the levels 5­20 ppm based on current water conditions in your tent. If you are using a less concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide you will have to do the math to find out how much to add for the same effect. (Example: 1 ounce at 35% equals approx. 12 ounces at 3% concentration)

  • If starting at 0 ppm H2O2 it could take up to 1 gallon of 35% to reach 50 ppm in your tent.

  • If it ís your first time adding Hydrogen Peroxide to your water, or your levels have fallen to 0 ppm. It could take 5­-10 times more just to start showing up on your strips.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide is not a very stable product, and can lose potency depending on how old it is and what temperature it is stored at.



The filtration system with your Float Tent is easy to maintain. Basically the water is taken into your UV filter which kills the bacteria in the water, it is sent down the hose and out the Mechanical Filter Bag. The bag catches the debris and lets out the clean water.

  • Your filter bag should last around 6 months, but a lot will depend on how well you clean off your body before entering the tank. If your filter is a light brown color, itís time to change it out.

  • Skimming is cleaning the debris that floats on the surface of the water. Usually oils, hair and dust. A pool/spa sponge will take care of the oils, and you can manually clean off the other debris with a skimming net.


Bi­weekly you will need to wipe down your tent.

  • To wipe down the walls use diluted hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Spray, then wipe the walls down with a rag.

  • If the walls are dirty under water you will need to wipe the walls down there too.

  • Wipe down any salt or debris that has accumulated on the outside of the tent. That covers in basic detail the 6 aspects of water care for your Float Tent. With a little practice it will become very easy. Many people like to check their water after every float which is fine, and some of you it may only be bi­weekly. The key is keeping your water levels and measurements steady, because reviving or restoring water is a MUCH bigger task than maintaining.


1. Why do I need the water filter to fill my tank?

The water filter pulls out the iron in your water, which is the reason water can turn yellow when reacting to Epsom Salt. Itís not mandatory, but it can save a lot of trouble down the road. If your water happens to turn yellow, you can always buy an Iron or Stain removing product to restore your water.

2. Is Hydrogen Peroxide Necessary?

It is absolutely necessary to use peroxide or some other appropriate cleaning agent! Remember, H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) is critical in controlling bacteria and mold. You must keep your levels of H2O2 in the ideal range to keep bacteria and mold to a minimum.

3. Where do I get this stuff?

We supply most of the items needed on our web store www.zenfloatco.com/accessories. You can purchase peroxide online or at your local pharmacy. More products are being added all the time. If they aren’t on our online store, give us a call and we can help you. 855-­ZEN­-FLOAT

4. Can I just add extra salt so there will always be enough?

No! Do not add extra Epsom Salt ever. This can cause big issues when the extra salt crystallizes and forms hard chunks. It can break the filter, and the salt chars could cut the tub. It is very risky to have any more salt than needed.


Zen Float Co. wants to give a special thanks to Ahskahn and Graham from FloatOn and FloatTankSolutions.com for all the water care information and help.

TO LEARN MORE VISIT: www.floattanksolutions.com