Floating Resources

To this day, there is still a lack of available resources online about floating, tanks, and the benefits involved.  So, we decided to it was time to create some free online resources to outline all the most best info.  Whether you're a newbie to floating or you're just ready to take your health and wellness practice to the next level, we got all the good info you need. 

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Float 101 is the ultimate email course for those completely new to floating that want to learn all the basics! Over 5 days you'll become more knowledgeable about the benefits of floating and have all the information you need to go float a center for your first time. 

Included in the Feels Like Floating Package is everything you need to start a regular meditation practice at home. Perfect for those that want to learn to meditate at home or don't have a float center in a near city. 

The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Float Tank was designed to help you make the best decision for your health and wellness needs. Read this to plan ahead before you buy a float tank for home-use.

The Zen Float Tent Brochure explains all the details, tech specs, and frequently asked questions about using our at home float tent. This guide was intended those serious about incorporating a regular practice into a home setting.